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Book The Mexican Mafia Encyclopedia - $49.95

The most comprehensive book ever written on the history and inner-workings of the Mexican Mafia.

Authored by two former members now working with law enforcement and a network of Mexican Mafia experts within the field of criminal justice. These experts encompass multiple generations of mafia experiences, including murders, conspiracies, membership, and folklore.

Included is factual data, official documents, personal accounts and never seen before photographs. In addition Quick Response (QR) Codes are included that offer informational video clips and audio segments via smart phones and computers. This multi-media approach was designed specifically to delve further into various incidents and provide first-hand accounts.

This manuscript has been vetted by Mexican Mafia experts throughout the United States.

How to Get Hired in Criminal Justice - $69.95

The most comprehensive book written detailing hiring procedures in the field of Criminal Justice. Experts in hiring and background investigation provide students with step-by-step instruction to navigate through the complex process.

Each phase is covered in detail, giving students the advantage they need to attain their chosen profession. The best of its kind, this book is highly sought after and has helped launch the careers of many new professionals.

Also included for the first time ever are QR code links with over three hours of supplemental video footage unique to this book.

How to Get Hired in Probation and Parole - $59.95

The supervision of incarcerated individuals or those having just been released is a specialized genre of law enforcement. Best practices from current hiring officials are outlined in detail and will motivate the promising candidate.

The distinct roles and characteristics specific to probation and parole officers are made clear for the student. Captivating topics from prison and jail culture and communication to the variety of caseload assignments provide the prospective applicant with a better understanding of the job.

Criminal Justice students striving to obtain a position with probation and parole will find tremendous benefit from this information and even utilize it as a valued reference throughout their future careers.

Law Enforcement Report Writing Workbook - $119.95

These books are an invaluable resource for learning effective report writing, which is essential in the field of criminal justice.

Actual police reports, investigative guidelines, law enforcement verbiage, and basic grammatical rules will equip the student to produce well written documents. Exercises and writing strategies reinforce and develop high quality writing styles.

Many criminal justice professionals have declared, "This is the best report writing manual I have ever seen."

Advanced Law Enforcement and Security Report Writing Workbook - $119.95

These books are an invaluable resource for learning effective report writing, which is essential in the field of criminal justice.

Actual police reports, investigative guidelines, law enforcement verbiage, and basic grammatical rules will equip the student to produce well written documents. Exercises and writing strategies reinforce and develop high quality writing styles.

Many criminal justice professionals have declared, "This is the best report writing manual I have ever seen."

How to Pass the Oral Interview - $69.95

A criminal justice interview is unlike any other. Specific knowledge is necessary to answer the difficult questions and practical scenarios.

The reality is that law enforcement oral interview panels routinely fail 75% of candidates. Learn how candidates can mitigate difficult interview questions and situations and be taught the critical skill of how to open and close an effective and successful interview.

How to Pass the Oral Interview can turn an average interview into an exceptional interview. Current techniques used by hiring panels provide students the formula for a successful law enforcement interview

CSI: Beyond the Yellow Tape Workbook - $119.95

The field of Forensics is fascinating, specialized and cutting edge. Utilizing CSI tools of the trade, the student is taught step-by-step techniques and presented with investigative challenges as they walk through crime scenes, experiencing real-life accounts of crime scene investigation.

This interactive workbook is designed to engage students in practical hands-on learning to develop an understanding of the role of a crime scene investigator. The first of its kind, it also includes a special "scratch and sniff" section of unique scents and aromas a crime scene investigator will encounter and must identify.

Gang Life - $59.95

Gang Life is a multifaceted look into the origin and culture of the gang lifestyle. Criminal Justice students will be captivated as they explore this relevant topic and enrich their knowledge to get a clearer picture of the challenges they will face as law enforcement professionals.

The subcultures, sociology and mentality associated with gangs are addressed in-depth by a current gang detective for a large law enforcement agency. Gang Life analyzes the duties and responsibilities law enforcement professionals face daily as they encounter gang life.

Family Violence: Beyond the Bruises - $89.95

Family violence is an epidemic plaguing our society and has been found to be the underlying cause of most crimes committed in America.

Now more than ever, professionals must have a deeper understanding of this complex and harsh reality and become equipped to provide help and direction to those left in its wake.

The psychological dynamics of family violence, laws and legal documents, investigation of the crime scene, and understanding the cycle of violence are each thoroughly outlined. Statistics, terminology, vital resources, and even types of injuries are just some of the covered topics. QR codes provide a unique perspective as the material "comes to life."

Urban Street Terrorism : The Mexican Mafia and The Sureños - $44.95

The original prison gang, the Mexican Mafia, is the fastest growing prison gang in the United States.

The authors illustrate how this prison gang uses influence, power, and violence to control an army of over 40,000 street gang members across the nation and countless more internationally. Learn about the special relationship this group has with Hispanic street and prison gangs, Mexican drug trafficking organizations and the constant battle over money, power and control.

The Mexican Mafia continues to expand its transnational criminal activities and will continue to diversify until the criminal justice system becomes more informed.

Major Narcotics Trafficking and Confidential Informants - $69.95

The criminal justice student is provided unique insights into how confidential informants are utilized in major narcotic trafficking, from the drug user to the cartels, to solving cases by cultivating, developing, documenting and utilizing informants.

Elements of a case, report writing, caseload management and courtroom testimony are addressed to build knowledge and expertise for a successful prosecution. Actual court cases are cited and discussed in detail, including their affect on the investigative process.

Mexican Mafia: The Gang of Gangs - $69.95

Used as a supplemental resource for criminal justice college courses related to street gangs and narcotic trafficking, Mexican Mafia: The Gang of Gangs is a first-hand account written by Ramon "Mundo" Mendoza. It is a gripping page-turner revealing intimate details of the early years of La Eme.

An inside look into this criminal world, from street level to organized crime that operates anonymously within our society, it is a thought-provoking expose' about the Mexican Mafia and Surenos. The presentation of the subject matter will promote in-depth and passionate classroom discussion.

Evolution of Radical Islam - $69.95

Islamic terrorism is one of the most unconventional wars in history. There is a level of violence not yet experienced in America. It is necessary to develop a better comprehension of world events in order to prepare and identify this enemy.

Terrorists utilize brutality as a psychological weapon; they are well-trained, organized, extremely dedicated, and we are their target. The history and ideology of radical Islam is presented to provide an understanding of modern-day jihad.

Book Females in Gangs - $69.95

Female gang membership is on the rise and part of the next generation of offenders. Understand the phenomenon of why females join gangs as well as the necessary steps for intervention and prevention.

There is direct correlation between the breakdown of the family and juvenile delinquent violence. The need for guidance, structure and discipline of offenders by law enforcement professionals, including social services and probation and parole, is ever-increasing.

Modern societal ills, such as cyber-bullying are included; familiarization with gang terminology typically used by females is presented; illustrations of graffiti and artwork unique to female gang associates is reviewed, and the significance and meaning of tattoos all are addressed to provide a better understanding of the female's participation in gang membership.

Book A Revealing Look at Street Gangs - $22.95

A Revealing Look At Street Gangs delves into an assortment of tools needed to heighten awareness, clarify the dynamics of and develop strategies for dealing with children involved in or toying with gang involvement.

Can a child be pulled from gang involvement? Will moving out of a gang neighborhood solve the problem? How does one identify a child's interest in gangs? What are the signs to look for? Why do gangs form? Why does a child become involved in such issues? What can be done to combat gang violence and what might the parent do to pull his or her child from its vicious grasp?

The Author focuses on these issues, characteristics and dynamics to benefit the educator, parent and professional who might deal with a child, teen or young adult immersed in or toying with gang participation. Minors and young adults may be required to register with the local law enforcement agency, be documented as gang members or face a number of enhancements that will lock them up for decades.... even if they are still minors.

The Dynamics and Sociology of Criminal Street Gangs -$69.95

A unique analysis of the criminal street gang culture, incorporating law enforcement's perspective on gangs and their violent activities, as well as a parent and community approach for identifying traits of gang participation or interest is focus of this text.

What is a gang? Why do they form? What are the generational issues of involvement? What is the law enforcement community doing to protect the innocent public from these predators? What is the meaning of their graffiti, tattoos and other markings? What are the signals of interest or involvement? What does the parent look for? What can they do to prevent gang participation? These and hundreds of other questions are examined and answered for the criminal justice professional.

Bringing the Noise - $44.95

"Bringing The Noise" is a term frequently used within the rap community to refer to the process of agitating the "system" (the institutions of government) or to instill a sense of "revolution."

Gangster-reality rap illustrates and illuminates the dark side of life for a large segment of America's youth. From the rapper's perception and experiences, it is more of a nightmare, literally screaming at us to listen.

The criminal justice professional needs to become familiar with the culture and terminology of this modern-day language.

Gangster Code - 44.95

What is the “G-Code,” the Gangsta Code, and what is the meaning behind its expression in gangster rap lyrics? How does this code influence the attitude and actions of young people across the sociological spectrum of American society?

We fear the unknown. To many in the mainstream--white as well as black--rap and hip-hop culture represent a vast and frightening unknown. That fear is greatly exacerbated because in most instances it involves sons and daughters, nieces and nephews... grandchildren. If, however, we step into the void of that unknown and acclimate ourselves to the unique conditions within it, the fear dissipates. 

Book Gang Secret Codes: Deciphered - $23.95

This book is designed to provide criminal justice students and law enforcement officers with an understanding of the covert methods of written communication used by gang members.

The author, GS Klivans uses examples that he has deciphered to illustrate complex gang codes which use hidden signs and intricate symbols. Readers will learn how to look for patterns and clues that help to decode documents and develop an appreciation for the ingenuity of criminals to hide their secret messages.

Book Mental Health Assessment of Offenders and Victims - $34.95

Some of the most important criminal investigations that can be done is the forensic mental health examination. It is here where we attempt to find motivation, triggers and theoretical framework to both understand past crimes and victimization as well as those in the future.

This book also examines the "examiner"and how our own schema and worldview can influence the outcome of our investigation. Written for students as well as working professionals, this text will help to enhance mental health assessment for both investigation and intake purposes.

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